Missing People

International Missing Children’s Day

To mark International Missing Children’s Day, we helped Engine reinvent the missing person poster in collaboration with the charity Missing People.

Re-thinking the standard design and introducing a high-impact live portrait, the high-tech digital posters showed a ‘live’ image of the missing person appearing to move their eyes, smile and make facial expressions. They featured three people, Leah Croucher, Finn Layland-Stratfield and Alexander Sloley, who are currently missing in the UK.

The innovative posters, featuring photography enhanced and animated by AI and machine learning, went live on Ocean Outdoor digital outdoor screens in London on International Missing Children’s Day.

Behavioural scientists believe the changes make it more likely passers-by will engage and come forward to report sightings. A QR code was incorporated into the poster, allowing people to share the poster quickly and easily on their social channels, to amplify the impact.




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