In Production

  • Production | Development

    Untold Studios

  • Director

    Daniel Turcan | Johnny Galvin

Stowaway – the swashbuckling story of a modern day stowaway and his adventures at sea.

Raconteur, adventurer, hedonist. Meet the world’s self-proclaimed Grand Master of Stowaways, Pompidou Fambou Fambou, from Cameroon. Pompidou is part of a community of ‘professional stowaways’; young men who regularly sneak aboard cargo ships in the hope of escape or lucrative repatriation bribes. Stowing away for most is a high stakes gamble on a better future and a way out of extreme poverty, but for Pompidou it’s seemingly all a big adventure; one which gives him notoriety and status back home.

With an extraordinary plot that includes attempted murder, jail, bribery and corruption, every trip Pompidou makes might be his last. With so much at stake, this film blends together documentary verité with animation to try and understand Pompidou’s complex drive for infamy, set against the bigger question of who is and isn’t afforded the opportunity to see the world in our unequal global economy.