Mouth Full of Gold

In Development

  • Production | Development

    Untold Studios

  • Director

    Lyle Lindgren

Mouth Full of Gold – a documentary charting the evolution of gold grills and their links to hip hop history.

It’s New York in the 80s, hip hop is going global, and with it a fresh new look that’s dripping gold. A young unassuming Surinamese immigrant has a flash of inspiration. Famous Eddie Plein drops out of college, retrains in dentistry, and the gold tooth as a fashion accessory is born.

In this documentary, a contributing cast of some of the biggest rap stars on the planet including – Pharrell, Nas, A$AP Rocky, A$AP Ferg – guide us through the invention of the gold grill, introducing us to the pioneering brothers behind it.

From the 80s onwards, Famous Eddie and his brother Orlando moved from Queens to Miami to Atlanta, furnishing rappers and gangsters with the latest golds, living large on the frontline of hip hop history.

Mouth Full of Gold combines Eddie’s personal archive with A-list interviews and a banging soundtrack to celebrate the rollercoaster ride of Eddie’s Gold Caps.