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Lyle Lindgren

Writer & Filmmaker

Born in south London in the late eighties, Lyle got his start making short films with a camcorder brought by his Dad in the backstreets of Tenerife. Realising that the camera was equipped only with a DV-In port, Lyle was unable to actually import any footage into the family PC rendering the camera useless. He turned his back on film for a moment and forged a career as a successful battle rap champion.  Fast forward to the DSLR boom and Lyle found himself making low budget music videos for New York rap legends, subsequently taking up residence in the dirtiest Hotel in America (as voted by Time!) to get the job done.   Conditions have somewhat improved since then and Lyle has forged an exciting career that finds him deeply immersed at the centre of working class subcultures such as the phenomenon of R.I.P t-shirts that document Miami’s tragic gun war one t-shirt at a time. Recent collaborators include A$AP Rocky and Stephen Graham (This is England / Boardwalk Empire).

Lyle Lindgren
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