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Dean Martindale


Dean is an established London based fashion and commercial photographer.

His extensive background in the fashion industry has formed the foundation of his photographic outlook, and has attracted high profile brands such as Nike, Adidas, Marshall Headphones and Ralph Lauren. His street-style aesthetic is created by capturing his diversely cast models in real and raw urban and natural environments, often contrasting the two, to compose images that radiate with an effervescent magnetism.

Influenced and inspired by music, he likens it to clicking on a switch in his head to enable him to conjure up fresh ideas and calls upon his experienced knowledge of fashion and style to produce visuals that leap out and grab his target audience.
Ultimately he sees each shoot as a chance to push the boundaries, to search for something new, and to seize the opportunity to play with all the elements involved to canonise the moment forever.

Dean Martindale
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