A Creative Studio & Community

A Creative Studio & Community

About Us

Untold Studios is a BAFTA and Emmy nominated independent creative studio and community; a cultural hub of creative talent that have come together with the desire to create culturally relevant content for the many and sometimes the few.

The policy of Untold is comparable to the Warhol Factory scene of down town NYC 76 > 83 or Factory Records MCR 78 > 92 – an open door to individuals and collectives fuelled by the innate desire to be independently creative.

Informal | New Series

Untold Original

Untold Studios has developed and produced a new show for Beats by Dr Dre.

“I hate that we as black people so often we have to go through these horrors in order to find resilience” – Dotty

Introducing the new show Informal bringing together top UK artists and big names in culture to discuss issues that affect them and the wider community. Informal provides a safe space for young creatives to have candid conversations about their experiences and perspectives.

Episode 1 is hosted by Dotty and she is joined by Wretch 32 and Unknown T as they discuss the broken relationship between the black community and the police.

6 VES Nominations

6 VES Nominations

VFX Awards

In only our second year of entries years we are very proud to have received a staggering six nominations for our work across PlayStation, AFK, The Crown and Hornbach.

The Visual Effects Society (VES) honours outstanding VFX work and the artists who have created it. Congratulations to our amazing VFX team at Untold and our clients both of whom are relentless in the pursuit of outstanding creative work. 

Winners will be announced on the 6th April.